Q1 2016 Newsletter
The Expanding Landscape of Mobile Customer Engagement
by Bernard Louvat, President and CEO

Did you know that 10% of ER visits are due to injuries caused by distracted walking? What’s so distracting? Texting. There's a popular statistic in the tech industry that reports 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of receipt. That's how important SMS is to our modes of communication.

The world’s preference for texting is what brands need to be aware of when they're considering the best way to keep the conversation going with their customers. SMS allows the brand to meet the consumer's demand for instant gratification, answering their questions immediately in a medium that is already on their phone and is always a thumb-tap away...

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Awards! Awards! Awards!

Customer experience innovation is in the TouchCommerce DNA - the awards are just a bonus. When your day-to-day objective is to create superior customer engagement offerings, reaching above and beyond is nothing new. But there are organizations that take notice and regard us as award-winners.

In just the past two months, we have received three prestigious honors.

We are very proud of our most recent win - or WINS - from CRM Magazine. Top analysts from research firms such as Forrester and Gartner designated TouchCommerce as a CRM Service Leader, along with big names like Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft, in the web support category. This recognition goes to those companies who are making strides through new technologies and acquisitions to provide customers with the experience they want. The editors of CRM Magazine chose TouchCommerce for the 2016 CRM Rising Star, as well! This honor was given to those who drove innovation across the entire customer support industry.

Additionally, in January, we were once again named a Digital Power Player (customer care category) by Website Magazine. Winners of this award were acknowledged for advancing the web experience in exciting, useful and innovative ways in 2015. See page 29 of the digital issue of Website Magazine here

It's great to be rewarded for our endeavors, but for us it's all in a day's work!

Read about all of our awards here.

TouchCommerce News
Good News Abounds!

As TouchCommerce presses on to bring enterprises a complete customer journey across all touchpoints, good news abounds, from incredible customer stories, to exciting new products, to fantastic awards. See what’s in store for the first 2016 issue of TouchNews.

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Best Practices
How Brands Solve Customers' Problems on the Road 

A TripAdvisor survey found that 91% (that’s right) of global travelers say they use their mobile phones when vacationing! For brands, that’s a good thing! Take a look at our latest infographic to see the various mobile moments a travel customer can experience.

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Technology Feature: TouchSMS 
Native Text Messaging on Mobile Devices 

Introducing our newest product: TouchSMS. Relevant to today's consumers, TouchSMS leverages native text messaging (SMS) capabilities on the mobile phone to engage consumers for timely and personalized interactions with brands. With TouchSMS, enterprises are now able to offer customers a way to hold time- and location-sensitive conversations with the brand using two-way text messaging.

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Technology Feature: An SMS Customer Cruise 
A Look at How Travel Brands Can Serve Their Customers through SMS Chat

We invite you to download our latest white paper, in which you will:

Learn the different ways brands of any industry can use SMS for effective customer service.

Learn how the Travel and Hospitality industry uses SMS customer service.

Follow a traveling consumer along their customer journey of using the most convenient device they have to interact with the different brands on their trip.

Learn about TouchCommerce TouchSMS and its advantages for brands over other forms of customer engagement.

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Customer Highlight
Their Success Becomes Our Success

We are pleased to present to you our latest addition to our customer testimonial videos! Watch what Lamont Young, SVP, Head of Digital and Direct Marketing at Citizens Bank, says about what it's like to partner with TouchCommerce.

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News Media Update
TouchCommerce Is Giving Them Something to Talk About

2016 has brought an abundance of media outlets to our door, enabling us to spread the news of our TouchSMS launch, our honors and awards, and our customer successes. Loyalty360 interviewed CMO George Skaff to get the TouchCommerce perspective on customer loyalty and omni-channel integration challenges. CEO Bernard Louvat was featured in the Retail TouchPoints 2016 Technology Preview, which asked leading industry executives, "Which technology trend will impact the retail industry most significantly in 2016?" The TouchSocial solution was featured in Retail TouchPoints' Solution Spotlight, and CRM Magazine honored us with two CRM Service awards. And, of course, several publishers covered the TouchSMS product launch, including a few articles that featured interviews with Product Marketing Manager Josefine Fouarge and Senior Director of Product Marketing Marina Kalika. 

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Webinar On-Demand: "Connecting Touchpoints Along the Customer's Journey"

On February 10, TouchCommerce had one of our favorite web events, "Connecting Touchpoints Along the Customer's Journey". In this webinar, we discussed and demonstrated how brands can create complete, cross-touchpoint customer experiences. Now is your chance to see the on-demand recording if you missed the original air date.

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