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Beyond Mad Men: Marketing in an Omni-Channel World

Posted Jan 13, 2015
by Marina Kalika, Product Marketing Director, TouchCommerce

Gone are the days of 1960’s Don Draper, where marketing consisted of the traditional advertising channels of TV, radio, or magazines. Now, consumers are challenging marketers to get in front of them on a growing variety of channels that creates the whole spectrum of an omni-channel world. And enterprises have a much larger list of competitors from which they must stand apart. How are they making that possible? How are marketers getting their companies noticed?

Enterprises must rise above the rest by utilizing very specific behavioral targeting to personalize online engagement across the omni-channel environment. Targeting specific groups of customers, combined with more pinpointed individual personalization, is actually made easier through the internet. Because of the mass amount of data gathered from each sector of the population as well as from each individual visitor, companies are able to reach the people who are most likely to convert and to make each tailored experience a memorable one that creates a loyal customer base.

Social, mobile, online and offline are all different facets of the consumer experience throughout the customer journey. Mobile, in particular, plays a huge role as consumers reveal vital consumer data about themselves through their devices. 

However, mobile users are not thinking about what specific channel they are engaging with at any given time. For them, this is omni-channel engagement, and they expect a consistent personalized engagement experience across the omni-channel environment.

Companies today should provide a consistent experience using information they already have about the consumer, independent of the channel in which they operate. They should use social profiling and other information they have to target the consumer and personalize the engagement. That doesn’t mean to be Big Brother watching over them, but they can allow customers to engage on their own terms on the device of their choice in the environment of their choice. Again, when customers do engage, they should receive the most consistent experience possible.

Omni-channel marketers may not have it as simple as the Mad Men of New York had, but ironically, it’s the omni-channel data that makes it possible to reach customers much more effectively than marketers of the past.