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Millennials, Live Chat and Mobile: 3 Components for Omni-Channel Success

Posted Jan 27, 2015

Omni-channel – the ultimate in customer experience delivery. No need to explain what it is anymore. Retailers are familiar with the “big picture” of omni-channel. Now let’s take a closer look inside the world of omni-channel engagement.

There are 3 important ingredients that must go together to make the omni-channel recipe work:

    1. Millennials
    Millennials are the largest and fastest-growing segment of customers, and they are engaging with retailers through multiple touch points. For example, Forbes found that “87% of millennials use between two and three tech devices at least once on a daily basis”! Therefore, focus a large part of your marketing and customer experience on this generation. Macy’s is doing this not only by offering the products millennials desire, but they’re seeking to engage with these young customers on every device they own.

    2. Live Chat
    Next add live chat engagement to your millennial target, and you’ve got a winning duo. CRM consulting firm, Software Advice, recently published a consumer report in which they found that 63% of millennials prefer to have their basic customer support questions answered via live chat over traditional channels. In fact, millennials were 20% more likely than baby boomers to prefer live chat, citing convenience and limited hold time as their top reasons for using live chat. (Take a look at the Software Advice report for a more in-depth look at the appeal of live chat engagement.) Equipped with this knowledge, get proactive and interact with this age group via live chat.

    3. Mobile
    Finally, put live chat technology into your mobile engagement. Now your millennial demographic will be all over your brand! By giving them a live chat experience on the device that is always with them, you’re reaching a large, influential audience in the way they want, any time they want, and where they want – even in-store!

Companies that truly want to optimize their customer experience with omni-channel engagement do need to adjust their concept from multiple channels to more of a melded together, seamless experience. However, in doing so, they should not overlook the more successful components of omni-channel. By engaging the captive audience of millennial customers through mobile live chat, retailers can succeed in their omni-channel customer experience efforts. 

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