Customers want to text your brand. Will you text back?
SMS Texting Is the Communication Method of Choice on Mobile

The “always-on” consumer wants to connect with your brand to get every question answered and any issue resolved immediately and in context. Waiting on the phone or constantly checking your mailbox for incoming emails is frustrating.

A recent Forrester study shows that consumers have 150 to 200 mobile moments every day. These usually take place in unfamiliar environments like mobile websites and mobile applications. But what happens when the consumer is seeking help?

TouchSMS allows brands to leverage the native text messaging capabilities of every mobile phone to serve the modern consumer. As a result, consumers enjoy more flexibility to reach out to the brand and stay in contact with them during sales and customer service scenarios.

Why TouchSMS?

Engage Consumers “On the Go” with a Personalized Mobile Experience
Text messaging is native to the mobile device, making the brand more “accessible” without the need to install or maintain 3rd party messaging applications.

Reduce Amount of Repeat Inquiries
SMS is available on every mobile phone, no matter how “smart” it is. Allowing customers to use the native text messaging capabilities and seek help in their moment of need increases customer satisfaction and reduces repeat contacts for the same issue.

Increase Agent Efficiency and Reduce Training Efforts
The ability to have several conversations through text messaging and web chat at the same time offers both convenience for the user and cost-savings for the brand. Using the same agent interface for all engagements reduces training efforts and increases agent efficiency. TouchSMS also keeps the history of interactions on both ends, allowing either party to easily re-ignite a conversation.

Key Features of TouchSMS 

Invite Consumers from an Offline/ Offsite Medium to a Personalized Conversation
Brands can invite consumers from any offline medium imaginable to an engaged conversation with the brand by utilizing the TouchCommerce Invitation API. Combining this feature with the simplicity of text messaging enables the consumer to connect with the brand anytime and anywhere.

Stay Within the Same Channel
Brands are already using SMS capabilities to notify consumers about delayed flights, appointment confirmations, status updates, and much more. TouchSMS allows brands to easily continue the conversation on the same platform, instead of forcing the consumer to switch channels after receiving a text message.

Identify Your Visitors 
SMS by nature is a channel for one-to-one communication. The consumer’s phone number can be used as a unique identifier to ensure continuity and context during the entire chat experience.

Move SMS Chat to a Web Experience
Chatting via SMS is a great way to engage the consumer in their moment of need. In case the chat agent needs more options to assist the consumer (e.g. cobrowse while filling out a form), TouchSMS allows the agent to forward the consumer to a web chat experience without losing the context or switching the agent.

How does TouchSMS work?

  1. The consumer sends the keyword to a short number which is configured by the brand and interpreted through the TouchCommerce Invitation API
  2. Based on the keyword, the RightTouch Engine routes the engagement to the defined experience (chat, guide, etc.)
  3. The chat agent uses the familiar Agent Interface to answer and send the message back to the consumer’s phone and continues the conversation using SMS chat

¹Forrester - Weave Support for Text Chat Into Your Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy (September 2015)

Take TouchSMS for a spin!

Text “TouchSMS” to +1(818)237-4977 to engage with a TouchCommerce chat specialist.

"The pervasiveness and familiarity of text messaging makes it an ideal channel to win, serve, and retain customers who require assistance from a contact center agent ... Text messaging is native to all mobile devices today and consumers are already experienced in its use. It's an effective channel to meet them where they already are.”

- Art Schoeller

vice president and principal analyst
Forrester Research
"Weave Support for Text Chat into Your Omnichannel Customer Support", Sept. 1, 2015