See your customer's point of view for faster problem solving.
A picture is worth a thousand words. 

TouchBrowse is a tool commonly referred to as cobrowse, in which the agent can see the same browser screen as your customers. When the agent can see the issues consumers are having on your site, they can diagnose problems faster and more accurately, reducing handle times and speeding the consumer along to their ultimate goal.

TouchBrowse stands above other cobrowser tools because it provides your agents with secure access to only tagged pages and gives the flexibility to assist consumers through complex processes online.

Why TouchBrowse?

Shorten Resolution Time
This shared view of issues allows the agent to see the problem first-hand and move to quicker resolutions.

Increase Conversion 
Because cobrowse is used almost exclusively within forms or applications, it has a positive effect on conversion rates. Consumers who begin to complete forms and show signs of abandonment also exhibit a willingness to engage in cobrowse sessions to complete their transactions (Forrester research suggests 25% to 35%).

Increase Satisfaction
Because representatives and consumers collaborate to resolve a problem, satisfaction with cobrowse is extremely high. This level of engagement with representatives improves the customer’s relationship with your brand. 

Teach the Users to Fish
Common usability issues can be identified and explained to help consumers become self-sufficient when they revisit your site.

Key TouchBrowse Features

Right Channeling; Call Deflection. When consumers have trouble completing online forms or have difficulty finding content on your site, they often escalate to a phone call. The combination of proactive chat and cobrowse deflects calls while improving first contact resolution rates.

No Installation Required.  Most screen viewing applications actually require an installation to provide the functionality. TouchCommerce’s TouchBrowse product works completely off of a single javascript tag. This means no installation, no administration rights and no additional applications to drain system resources.

Ensured Privacy.  The javascript-based functionality inherently limits TouchBrowse to only your client’s tagged pages. This means that nothing outside of that page can be viewed, not other applications and not even other web pages. The consumer’s privacy is completely protected.

Data Masking.  Any field can be masked from the agent to further ensure confidentiality for your customers.

Permission-Based.  TouchBrowse launches only after your customer gives the agent permission, thereby establishing trust.

Agent Assistance.  Not only does TouchBrowse allow the agent to see the consumer’s screen, the agent can even help navigate the user through your site, directing them to the right spot for the right information.