Intelligent automated conversations with a human touch
84% of customers prefer to use self-service to get the job done.* 

Consumers want to self-serve, now more than ever, but sometimes it can be challenging for them to find the answer they are looking for in the wealth of valuable information that is presented to them. Before losing potential customers to poor self-service integrations or forcing them to use more expensive channels, brands should think about how they can value their customers’ time while still being cost-effective.

Targeted content like a video on a product page or a guide to narrow down the results are valid self-service experiences. But sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. Consumers have to chat with a live agent eventually. Why not package all this helpful information in a way consumers can leverage it naturally and get the answer they are looking for without increasing contact center costs?

Virtual assistant technology allows consumers to engage with a brand in an open-ended conversation. Virtual assistant usage on websites continues to grow mainly because today’s smart virtual assistants are able to understand the intent of an inquiry and provide answers quickly and accurately to guide the consumer the right way. However, there will always be a situation in which a service representative is needed.

TouchAssist offers human-like dialogue and intelligent conversation for consumers looking to self-serve and provides a smooth transition to a live chat agent, if needed, while maintaining the context of the conversation within the same engagement window.

Why TouchAssist?
  • Satisfy the consumer’s quest for self-service with a natural, conversational experience based on the virtual assistant’s ability to understand the intent of the inquiry and deliver answers based on that intent
  • Increase self-service ROI by utilizing transcript data and other information from all consumer interactions to continuously improve the usability and user experience of the virtual assistant and the website in general
  • Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) and boost agent productivity by offering seamless escalation to a live chat agent within the right agent group for more complex situations without requiring consumers to switch channels and repeat the information

Key Features of TouchAssist 

Effortless Automated Conversation

TouchAssist leverages Nuance virtual assistant technology to enable an intelligent, human-like dialogue between consumers and the brand. A rich set of features, including the ability to ask clarifying questions, improve understanding of consumers’ intent, personalize responses, and support common social inquiries, helps brands to deliver a superior self-service experience.

Higher Agent Productivity

Leveraging existing chat transcripts, high volume questions are identified and used to train the smart virtual assistant. Letting the virtual assistant answer repetitive questions that consume about 80% of a chat agent’s time will boost the agent productivity and reduce the average handle time.

Leveraging the RightTouch® technology and targeting engine, TouchAssist enables:

Contextual Transfer

In case of an escalation from the virtual assistant to a chat agent, the consumer will be transferred seamlessly within the same engagement window. At the same time, the transcript data and other valuable information that occurred prior to the escalation are forwarded to the live agent and presented inside the Agent Interface, thus preserving the conversation history.

Unified Reporting Dashboard

Analysis of smart virtual assistant conversations and live chats are displayed within one integrated reporting dashboard. Utilizing all the data enables brands to continuously measure and optimize the virtual assistant scripts and behavior on their websites to meet self-service KPIs.

Exact Targeting

Using TouchCommerce RightTouch technology and targeting engine, brands are able to serve the right digital interaction to the right visitor at the right time, choosing between live agent, guides or virtual assistant based on user behavior, profile and page on a per conversation basis.

Integrated Interaction Design

The intelligent virtual assistant and live chat engagements are presented inside the same elegant, floating engagement window and are available on multiple devices (desktop, tablet, mobile browser, in-app and SMS).

How Does TouchAssist Work?

  1. Based on the visitor’s behavior on the website, the RightTouch® targeting engine launches a proactive invite to chat with a brand's virtual assistant.
  2. The user is able to chat with the smart virtual assistant to get the answers they are looking for without a live chat agent needing to be involved.
  3. If the conversation needs to be escalated, the transfer to a live agent is seamless for the consumer as it happens inside the same floating engagement window.
  4. Transcripts and analytics from live and automated engagements are displayed within one reporting dashboard, making it easy for the brand to leverage the data for continuous enhancements.
*Forrester's North American Consumer Technographics® Customer Life Cycle Survey 2, 2016

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Analyst Viewpoint
Customers don’t want to wade through a laundry list of answers; they want self-service sites to serve up the one right answer to their question.

Forrester - Your Customers Don’t Want To Call You – Feb 2016