Offer your customers targeted, rich content.
Unlimited Personalized Experience 

With TouchContent, you are able to present rich content targeted to select visitors, offering a personalized online experience. Don't be limited in what you offer customers; TouchContent delivers experiences above and beyond chat and call.

Why TouchContent?

Increase Engagement
Contextual, demographic and behavioral targeting work together to personalize the most relevant promotions to consumers and increase the likelihood they will engage.

Improve Promotion Performance
Because the right offers reach the right people, consumers presented with targeted offers are more likely to respond and complete an online transaction.

Go Beyond Chat
When more information needs to be provided, go beyond chat with video and other rich content.  Whether it is stand-alone targeted content to promote products and services or agent-pushed content to assist the consumer in their task, TouchCommerce has a solution. TouchContent can display any piece of HTML with our patented engagement layer. Choose from videos, offers, discounts, links, promotions, or product advertisements – the options are endless.

Key TouchContent Features

Multiple Targeting Methods work together to present the most relevant content to consumers, therefore increasing your conversion rate.
  • Contextual Targeting. Your customers use search terms to enter a site and landing pages associated with marketing channels. Promotions are linked to these search terms and landing pages.
  • Demographic Targeting. You can use automated targeting to segment visitors on the fly using self-reported user data or even location-based services.
  • Behavioral Targeting. Categorizing visitors via historical and in-session behavior can help predict interests and allow us to promote relevant offers.
TouchCommerce provides various forms of TouchContent:

FAQ While You Wait: helps a customer find information pertaining to their question while they wait in the queue

Stand-Alone Content: provides proactive content to a customer through business rules

Post Purchase Offers: offers something to a customer after they have made a purchase