Satisfy your customers' self-service hunger.
Why TouchGuides?

Move visitors to a self-service environment by putting content in front of visitors to enable them to find what they are looking for right away.

Gain customer insights by acquiring information from visitors without utilizing agent resources.

Improve satisfaction by providing your visitors with the fastest response to common questions without the need to engage live agents.

Increase live agent productivity. Because automation resolves simple or straight-forward inquiries, live agents are free to handle more complex queries or convert high-value visitors. Customers are quickly routed to different agent groups based on their specific needs and inquiries.

TouchGuides may use a combination of these purposes to achieve the client’s business objectives.

TouchCommerce has various forms of TouchGuides to meet different objectives:

Filtering:  filters between new and existing customers or out-of-scope inquiries 

  routes customers to agents with different skill sets

Product Selection:
  captures the needs of a customer and suggests a product that fits their needs

  provides common self-help information to a customer 

  educates customers on the tools and features that are at their disposal

Download the TouchGuides use cases.

When to Deploy Automated Guides

Provide step-by-step product comparisons, instructions for filling out forms, or even steps for on-site calculators. Automated guides make complex decisions simpler, whether on their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Deflect calls with links from FAQs and knowledge bases to launch quick guides on how to resolve a problem or how to complete commonly performed tasks. Provide rich content to the consumer via automated guides (video, documentation, additional links, etc.).

Training. Instruct your new customers on billing processes, or train existing customers on how to use new products or features. Tutorials provide an effective means for customers to find their way with text, graphics, and rich media to create an engaging experience.

Customized TouchGuides Benefits

Behavioral Targeting and Business Rules.
 Help consumers help themselves. Behavioral targeting identifies when consumers are struggling and business rules can proactively launch automated guides without waiting for consumers to go looking for assistance.

Flexible Design. Guides can be skinned to match your branding, while the flow of the guided experience can be tailored to meet the needs of simple or complex scenarios. As your business needs change, your automated guides can change.

Seamless Escalation. When they cannot find the answers they need, your consumers can initiate a chat session directly from within the guided experience. This avoids the need to open a new chat window where the consumer must re-orient themselves.

Intelligent Routing.  Selections in guides route your consumers to appropriate agent pools, reduce frequency of chat transfers, and improve first contact resolution.