Find out what your customers really want.
TouchSurvey Keeps You on the Cutting Edge

To succeed online, companies must constantly evolve and adapt to balance the demands of their markets, the challenges of the economy and the needs of customers. TouchSurvey helps you to understand the market and competition by gathering and analyzing volumes of vital customer, brand, and industry-related information.

Why TouchSurvey?

Monitor Client Satisfaction and Preferences
Gain new customers and retain existing ones by selling them additional products and services. Online surveys can capture valuable feedback to help your business remain flexible, focused and competitive. 

Identify Market Trends and Changes
As markets cycle and shift, so do the ongoing needs and demands of your customers. Companies that adapt not only survive but thrive. Online customer surveys keep you on the cutting edge by hearing the customer’s voice. 

Innovate Through Consumer Insights
Enhancing products and services can give your business a powerful advantage. Ensure consumers will react positively to innovative changes by using online surveys to gauge and predict their response

Key TouchSurvey Features

Customizable Interface.  Surveys can be styled to match the look and feel of your site. By adding logos, taglines, and corporate colors, you can brand the surveys so they integrate seamlessly into the customer experience.

Multi-Language Support.  With complete UTF-8 support, you can create a survey using any language, including those using double-byte characters, such as Asian languages. Moreover, the reports will be presented in the language of the survey respondent. Surveys support automatic alert messages translated into French, Russian, Spanish, South American Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Branching Logic.  Survey questions can be intelligent and dynamically change according to the responses to specific questions. Branching logic ensures that only relevant questions are displayed to appropriate respondents and can be further controlled with “Allow to skip” and “Must answer” conditions.

Logical Redirect.  Respondents can be redirected to a website or landing page after they have submitted the survey. Such flexibility enables you to specify unique criteria and redirect respondents to a specified URL based on their answers.

Real-Time Alerts.  Offers the ability to automatically push e-mail alerts when a particular response is selected in the survey. Multiple email alert conditions can be configured with each having a different subject line, body text, list of recipients and images.

Verbatim Analysis.  Allows your business to visualize collected text data for open-ended responses and to see the words used most by customers. Word clouds and word frequency tables enable users to rapidly identify key themes/trends and form optimization strategies. Customer satisfaction can also be measured by such keyword(s).

Surveys are best offered before the chat begins and at the end of the chat:

Pre-Chat Survey:
  gathers information about the customer before they interact with the chat agent

Feedback Survey:
  use to aggregate user information and summarize results to improve experiences

Download the TouchSurvey use cases.