Welcome to TouchNews!

We are pleased to introduce our new quarterly newsletter, TouchNews. Each edition will keep you informed of our latest news, share with you our insights into eCommerce best practices, and help you stay on top of the latest in our industry's technology through this quarterly newsletter. We'll bring you along as we celebrate our customers' stories and travel the globe to participate in fascinating technological events. We present to you this publication as a way of getting to know us a little better - a way of staying in “touch”. 

Q3 2016 TouchNews

In our summer issue of TouchNews, things are sizzling with the launch of our virtual assistant, TouchAssist. Things are looking bigger, better, and smarter!

Q2 2016 TouchNews

In this issue of TouchNews we explore the perks of self-service and how it partners with live engagement to produce a complete, holistic customer experience. 

Q1 2016 TouchNews

The first edition of TouchNews in 2016 explores the expanding landscape of mobile engagement by introducing our latest product, TouchSMS, and discovering the various ways of reaching customers through mobile.

Q4 2015 TouchNews

The last TouchNews issue of 2015 brings you insights into what the holiday season means for enterprises - addressing the needs of travelers and shoppers, and engaging with them on social media. Get access to our latest infographic and three new white papers, and learn about the Conversation Platform with our latest video. Also, don't miss our 2015 TouchCommerce family album!

Q3 2015 TouchNews

In this issue of TouchNews, we explore the mobile customer and how to create truly engaging conversations with them. We also step into the world of APIs that enrich SMS and mobile chat with the TouchCommerce Conversation Platform.
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Q2 2015 TouchNews

Come along with us as we take a journey or two. In this issue we discuss the journey our own customers take when partnering with us to transform their customer engagement into an omni-channel customer experience. We also travel the road your customers will take when engaging through TouchCommerce solutions. Discover new solutions, new technology and hot industries in the omni-channel world.
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Q1 2015 TouchNews

The first TouchNews issue of 2015 is all omni-channel, all the time! Experience the big trend in retail through omni-media: a new TouchCommerce white paper focused on delivering omni-channel customer engagement, a video demonstrating what an effective omni-channel experience looks like, and a second look at our latest web event, Moving Beyond Mobile: Delivering a Seamless Customer Journey for Omni-Channel Shoppers. You'll also see who's been talking about TouchCommerce's approach to omni-channel retail.
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Q4 2014 TouchNews

Our Q4 newsletter embraces the omni-channel trend of holiday shoppers. From smartphones to desktop, the shopper is always connected. In this issue, we highlight the unique mobile customer experience, show you how you can monitor your customer agents across all channels, share an infographic full of holiday shopper stats, and even give you a behind-the-scenes look into TouchCommerce.
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Q3 2014 TouchNews 

This Q3 newsletter highlights the many ways we meet our customers' needs. Consumers' needs are constantly changing, and the ways they prefer to contact customer service have changed drastically over the last decade. We understand that. That’s why we make sure we stay informed of the ever-changing trends of how customers engage with our clients. We partner with our customers to grow their business and reduce costs.  Read more about our customer-first philosophy in our Q3 newsletter.
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Q2 2014 TouchNews

The Q2 newsletter celebrates the most important element of our products and services - your customers.  We introduce our newest customer care solution, TouchConnect, highlight the customer service benefits of TouchGuides, tell you about one of our newest TouchChat clients, and share with you a new case study describing TouchCare in action.  We also inform you on our upcoming events and latest media coverage.
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Q1 2014 TouchNews

This Q1 newsletter highlights the latest news from TouchCommerce, including the recent awards we have won. We report on the power of Big Data, the future of retail shopping and highlight an intriguing infographic related to mobile shopping. There is also a case study for our client Numericable as well as listings for our latest events.
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