T-Mobile’s challenge was to serve customers as cost-effectively as possible, while increasing customer satisfaction

Company Snapshot

T-Mobile USA 
Industry: Telecommunications
HQ: Bellevue, WA
Employees: +10,000 
Website: www.t-mobile.com

The Challenge

In March 2013, T-Mobile launched its first “Un-carrier” initiative, essentially giving customers the option to walk away from their contract with T-Mobile at any time, for any reason. With this change, customer loyalty became an even more critical focus for the company. Since the company had been witnessing a dramatic increase in online interactions since January 2012, and with a key driver like the “Un-carrier” initiative, T-Mobile undertook a close examination of its existing online engagement strategy to maximize opportunities where possible.

Upon review, they found that its social support channel was thriving but live chat could be better leveraged as part of their drive for best-in-class customer experience. T-Mobile’s live chat provider at that time did not enable the team to easily prioritize and/or control customer wait times, and generally did not provide the level of analytics and reporting that would enable the team to take chat to the next level. A strong internal focus was placed on customer analytics in order to optimize the company’s holistic online engagement program, and TouchCommerce was brought in because of its data-driven, analytical approach and reputation in maximizing opportunities in online customer engagement.

T-Mobile’s challenge was to serve customers as cost-effectively as possible, while increasing customer satisfaction:

  • to be more available and responsive to customers wanting online help
  • to solve the customer’s problem with the first interaction
  • to respect the customer’s time and address their issues as quickly as possible


The Solution

Analytics and Reporting

The T-Mobile and TouchCommerce teams collaborated to provide enhanced and robust analytics and reporting that allows T-Mobile to seamlessly gauge whether they have the right agents involved and if representatives are properly empowered to do their job efficiently. This is achieved by using indicators such as chat dispositioning and T-Mobile’s internal myVOC, which allows T-Mobile to drill down to chat types and customer dissatisfaction. These reports allow chat leadership to identify the customer pain points so that related policy or procedures can be updated as needed in the quest for continuous improvement.

T-Mobile’s chat team was working under the umbrella of the social customer support team, allowing the collaboration of best practices and customer support strategies from both teams.

The social customer support team already had a set of KPIs in place to measure performance. So, TouchCommerce analytics team developed a custom report for T-Mobile based on these KPIs that can be accessed in real-time. This real-time visibility at the management fingertips ensures that the goals and results are on track.

The Benefits

More Data with Actionable Insights

In their collaboration, TouchCommerce and T-Mobile analytics teams now generate much higher quality, robust reporting, providing the support teams with access to data that was previously unavailable to them. This includes new information on customers and their experience with chat interactions, which they can then take back to the business side to adapt policy, procedures, and responses as needed to alleviate pain points. Since the analytics and reporting happens in real-time, the teams are able to rapidly monitor and respond as needed.


T-Mobile customer support is now able to run different types of surveys based on customer interactions and responses, enabling the team to gather more precise information and better understand customer issues and experience.


TouchCommerce’s RightTouch tool is highly adaptable and has APIs that will allow T-Mobile to integrate with other tools that their teams use. The T-Mobile team sees this as an opportunity for a “huge win” and is excited to get the work continued after the initial deployment.

The Results

TouchCommerce’s analytics capabilities have provided T-Mobile with a new level of organizational flexibility and efficiency.
  • Customer surveys completion increased by 20%
  • Average wait times decreased by 2 minutes
  • Average handle times decreased by 2.5 minutes
  • Resolution rates improved by 6 percentage points
  • Service levels increased about 40 percentage points
Having social support and chat teams maximize their quality of customer service and making customer experience effortless in the omni-channel world – as effectively if not better than customers would receive on the phone or in a store -- enables customers’ greater freedom in choosing how, when, and where they receive support. This ultimately helps keep customers from taking T-Mobile up on their new option to walk away anytime, for any reason, as afforded by T-Mobile’s Un-carrier initiative.

About TouchCommerce
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