The Inner Circle Guide to Omni-Channel Customer Contact

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It’s a blessing and a curse – the growing number of ways in which a customer can interact with a brand. While giving customers more options in how they want to contact a brand, it can also create a disjointed customer journey if the channels are not united into one omni-channel presence.

In this report, TouchCommerce and ContactBabel dive deep into the world of omni-channel customer engagement, providing a detailed and definitive view of the reality of implementing and using customer experience technologies. What are these different channels, which ones more readily lend themselves to omni-channel, and what does the future hold for customer engagement?

Key Objectives found in this report:

  • Explore the various channels of customer engagement, along with their advantages and challenges. From web chat, SMS and social to self-service guides and virtual assistants, the support of new channels is growing to meet the ever-increasing expectations of today’s mobile customers.

  • Gain understanding of the drivers of omni-channel engagement by looking closely at how customers prefer to engage and why.

  • Learn how to transition from multi-channel to omni-channel.

  • Get insight into how to approach the omni-channel challenge.

  • Discover TouchCommerce offerings that can be a part of your brand’s meeting the omni-channel challenge.


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One of the main irritants for a customer is having to contact the business on numerous occasions, often through different channels, about the same issue. Omni-channel engagement promises a way in which this experience can be made less painful and more effective for both customers and businesses, by providing a single view of the customer’s journey - not just that particular interaction, but the entire experience - so that agents do not have to ask the same questions again and again, and can treat the customer’s request more effectively and intelligently. (p.98)

Without a single platform or customer interaction hub, the complexity of handling multiple channels increases greatly each time a new channel, device or medium is added to the customer service mix. The only constant is that - regardless of the method they choose to communicate with the business - customers want accurate, timely information delivered in a form with which they are happy. (p.88)