Our services

We solve customer acquisition and retention issues: increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs.
Our competitors provide software alone. We understand that software alone cannot produce optimal results. Our dedicated expert teams design, develop and deliver customized programs that exploit the full potential of our technology platform. Here’s how:

Program Design and Optimization

Program design and optimization
Program design begins with a comprehensive review of site architecture and web analytics. Upon program launch, we continually monitor performance, identify areas of opportunity and refine our solutions to ensure your business targets are reached.

Implementation Services

Before any program launch, our Results Optimization Teams conduct a thorough site analysis to identify visitor behavior or metrics that lead to conversions. Based on these insights and learnings, we design highly customized programs that deliver optimal performance. 

Agent Services

Agent Services
Agent efficiency and productivity are optimized through our dynamic platform and agent services. We recruit, staff and train agents to ensure quality interactions with customers. Our unique chat interface allows supervisors to monitor and coach multiple agents simultaneously, while also providing real-time data and analytics. 

Big Data Analytics (Data Warehouse)

Our comprehensive reporting tool turns real-time analytics into action, directly powering site optimization.

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer
Voice of the Customer offers analytics that not only report visitor behavior, but also identify reasons behind their choices. Visitors can be segmented against various criteria to provide a deeper understanding of the target audience and yielding actionable business insights.

Aligned Pricing

Everything we do aligns with your business targets and goals, including our pricing. We work together to develop a common understanding of baseline results and then track the incremental improvement we deliver using a sophisticated and accurate incrementality model.

Proof of our commitment: a performance pricing model that guarantees results.