Agent Services

Through the integrated power of our Agent Services, an entire workforce of chat representatives can be managed and optimized to deliver unprecedented results.
​Proper Agent Management leads to better Agent Optimization.

​Our well-trained live agent teams are equipped with exceptional workforce optimization tools to deliver excellent service and to ensure that your company achieves all the benefits of online engagement.

Why Agent Operations Management?

Do you have teams of chat representatives that are either new to the chat environment or not delivering the performance and efficiency you desire? TouchCommerce is here for you.

With a wealth of deep operational knowledge and expertise across our organization, TouchCommerce can get your program off on the right foot and drive it to unprecedented performance, whether you are focused on Sales/Acquisition or on Customer Care. Spanning operational areas from screening and recruiting to launch and performance management, the TC team can drive your team in exactly the right direction.

Key Features of Agent Operations Management

The belief at the core of our success is that Training, Operations, Quality Assurance, and Analytics are all tied to success. Goal alignment of these elements is not only necessary, it is key.

Training.  After screening, testing, and recruiting are complete, Training comes into play. Our team of instructional designers, skilled in Adult Learning and Accelerated Learning, takes available information and existing materials and transforms them into exciting, activity-based, chat specific training packages. This training is delivered to your teams and is combined with the daily hands-on exposure to tools and methodologies to create powerful, effective individuals and teams.

Operations.  As Operations takes those new representatives onto the production floor, many items and practices are implemented. Proper staffing of a chat team is needed to drive appropriate balance and efficiencies into these teams. Due to the simultaneous nature of multiple chat interactions, staffing balance is incredibly important in balancing against historical and actual incoming volumes. Once staffed, these teams need to be motivated, performance managed, and communicated with to create powerful teams. TouchCommerce can help in each of these areas.

Quality Assurance.  QA needs the chat-centric point of view delivered by TouchCommerce. Through the 360 degree combination of chat evaluations, on-the-spot coaching, and post-chat voice of the customer feedback, our Quality Assurance teams improve our performance and provide important feedback to team leaders, managers, clients, and training. This approach drives Six Sigma’s continuous improvement into real-time operational teams.

Analytics.  Analytics ties this altogether by scrubbing through and collating important data sets for the purpose of seeking and delivering powerful insights into the program structure and into operational portions of your organization.

Let TouchCommerce take our knowledge, expertise, processes, and focused dedication to world class performance and apply it to your programs. Our promise can be summed up with one word: Results!

Why Agent Workforce Optimization?

Whether you need to manage a large workforce or check on a single agent to review compliance after a coaching session, TouchCommerce Workforce tools deliver the power, flexibility, and speed needed to accomplish your goals.

To properly manage the simultaneous nature of chat interactions – as opposed to the linear, sequential nature of phone calls – these proprietary TouchCommerce tools allow effective, efficient monitoring and interface with an online engagement workforce.

Key Features of Agent Workforce Optimization

While Portal offers a dizzying array of dimensions and metrics designed to present a full view into all historical data, Supervisor Console delivers a flexible, powerful, and multi-level view into real time metrics and live chat interactions.

Custom Views.  Supervisor Console offers views into TouchCommerce intelligent queuing, along with enhanced real-time views of current chats, agents, business rules, and web pages. Each of these views can be sorted, reordered, and filtered to create the precise view you need at any given moment. 

Instant Stats.  Many metrics including chat duration, average response times, available/busy time in state, and the number of chats being handled are at your fingertips. 

Effective Team Communication.  This powerful tool also offers configurable, bidirectional instant messaging that allows team leaders, managers, and workforce management teams to interact directly with agents on the front lines when necessary.

Agent Alerts.  A full range of configurable threshold alerts provide your workforce management team (and team leaders) with easily recognizable visual cues that allow rapid response to changing situations, including those in need of immediate attention.

All of this can be seen while reviewing up to ten chats simultaneously… in real time.