Big Data Analytics (Data Warehouse)

Utilizing modern Big Data infrastructure, our data warehouse is optimized to capture not only all engagement activity, but any other relevant interaction data, which we then place into productive action.
What Is Big Data Analytics?

​Big Data analytics is the process of analyzing large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and other useful information. The knowledge gained from such information can produce more targeted marketing, effective customer service and increased revenue for your business.

It’s all about Big Data these days.  You may collect it and store it, but how are you using it? Do you have a reasonable means to access it, analyze it or condense it down to meaningful or insightful information?  Do you use this information to improve the online process? 

TouchCommerce takes Big Data analytics and turns it into actionable market insights for meaningful site optimization.

Why Use Our Data Warehouse?

We are a data science-driven organization. The data we collect from users, transactions, interactions, traffic patterns and the like shape the way we design programs and optimize our delivery. 

We have created a robust reporting tool called Portal. Through Portal we offer a wide variety of reports, as well as provide access 24/7, so that you can use the rich data we collect, including 100+ metrics that can be viewed by 20+ dimensions. All of our clients can access custom reports as well as standard reports.

We present actionable recommendations and monitor program results.  We analyze various Big Data sources and mine the feedback in a consistent and usable way.  Our central data repository stores current as well as historical data for creating reports and Voice of the Customer (VoC) use. This data is collected and analyzed to further refine, construct and optimize business rules and enables recommendations for the website.

Key Data Warehouse Features

Our Data Warehouse platform is based on Big Data analytics, which provides us with a massively scalable architecture that is affordable (requiring only commodity hardware). This architecture also comes with the following:

Technical Superiority:
  • high reliability
  • data redundancy
  • fault tolerance
  • high performance
  • high storage capacity
  • strong security
Insight.  Gives your company all the capability required to measure, adapt and grow its conversion programs.

 Our data warehouse provides high flexibility for reporting because it captures and organizes all engagement data from every data source where customers interact with the system.

Actionable Analytics.
 Increased performance and productivity in data analysis.

Conversion Intelligence.
 Flexible and easy to manage; SQL-based systems are limited and are not capable of managing multi-structured data. A lot of effort is made to save a lot of the data in SQL systems, but marketing conversion programs demand ALL of the information to be captured, in all customer engagements. By not storing all data, other providers limit their ability to analyze data further (i.e. limit conversion marketing and intelligence).

 Systems based on Big Data infrastructure as their sole purpose do not have the scalability and flexibility problems found in database systems.