Implementation Services

TouchCommerce offers custom services tailored specifically to your company’s needs.
Customized Implementation

A great deal of preparation goes into implementing your services. Our conversion experts partner with you in developing the right programs for the specific needs of  your company.​

Why Use Our Implementation Services?

Each implementation of the TouchCommerce solution is completely customized. An incredible effort is put forth before the program ever launches. An in-depth analysis is used to design your program for optimal performance.

The design analysis determines how we deliver the launch components that make programs successful. Your TouchCommerce team tailors programs based on your specific needs discovered during the analysis process.

Key Implementation Features

The Custom Implementation Process includes:
  • Site analytics review
  • Site audit
  • Page catalogue
  • Client KPI establishment
  • Needs analysis
  • Preparation of business rules
  • Graphical treatment of site engagement assets in line with brand and site look and feel
  • Custom scripting
  • Integration of the RightTouch technology into client site
  • Training
  • Mystery shopping for QA testing phase

Initial Site Analysis
Before we act, we listen. Conversion experts work with clients to uncover patterns of behavior that signal key decision points leading to consumer conversions. The resulting site analysis includes:

Scanning Analysis. Entry pages and bounce rates
Campaign Analysis. Traffic source volumes and performance
External Search. Terms and mix of site traffic (search mix, paid vs. organic)
Internal Search. Usage, terms, performance, functionality
Interaction Analysis. Page level analysis (duration, depth, views, visits, pathing)
Acquisition Analysis. Funnel entry, completion, conversion, and abandonment of success goals
Merchandising/Order Analysis. Order detail analysis, order value, product mix, product affinity
Error Analysis. Quantify and understand form field, 404, and session timeouts
Expert Review. Usability assessment of site navigation elements