Program Design and Optimization

Engage and convert more customers through thoughtful, meaningful program design.
​Every engagement matters.  

​Through our Program Design and Optimization services, our conversion programs start with your goals in mind and continue to evolve as our experts learn more about your customers and how they relate with your company.  Each and every engagement is an opportunity for optimization and growth toward your objectives.

Why Use Our Program Design and Optimization?

There is no such thing as an “out of the box” solution with TouchCommerce. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our customized solution design allows us to meet or exceed your business objectives because we align our actions with your goals. We make it a point to understand your goals and objectives so that we design solutions that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Key Program Design and Optimization Features

Designed down to the smallest detail.
Program design starts with an in-depth review of site architecture, web analytics analysis and creative development of live agent and automated solutions in order to improve site performance. Program attributes are carefully defined to produce an optimal user experience.

Always improving for optimal results.
Post launch, the TouchCommerce support team aggressively monitors the performance of the program in order to identify trends, opportunities and areas of improvement. Key insights are defined and shared with clients in order to proactively identify new launch conditions, user experience changes and new variables to test. Self-service improvement opportunities are also identified in order to inform clients on ways to enhance the site experience and accomplish business objectives.

Tested, tried and true.
Every variable of a TouchCommerce program is fair game for testing. Our staff is passionate about understanding and challenging best practices and ensuring that the optimal combinations of variables are configured for each of our clients’ programs.

TouchCommerce is more than a solution provider, they are partners. They're much more hands-on in terms of managing both strategy and tactics.  I definitely would say they're problem-solving partners.

- Barbara Gee,  Comcast