Voice of the Customer

Web analytics tells you what visitors do online. Voice of the Customer analysis tells you why they do what they do.
​Actionable customer insights for meaningful site optimization.

​Our Voice of the Customer (VoC) program aligns your company’s online experiences with market demands. TouchCommerce conducts advanced analysis, measurement and monitoring through a robust and scalable Voice of the Customer (VoC) service.  Additionally, Big Data is mined for customer sentiment, feedback and themes in a consistent and non-biased way.  Once you know why your customers do what they do, we help you act upon that knowledge. 

Why Voice of the Customer?

VoC Drives Revenue
Listening to customer feedback drives online revenue by delivering actionable information about:
  • Customer Experience. Understand why customers abandon your site. Discover how they identify products and what motivates them to “add to cart.”
  • Customer Satisfaction. Build brand loyalty by using customer input to improve site performance and support. Generate word-of-mouth marketing by offering satisfied customers the opportunity to share their experiences.
  • Actionable Market Insights. Monitor the performance of products and promotions. Recognize market trends as they happen to take advantage of them rather than simply respond to them. Build a competitive analysis by analyzing who your customers mention and what they say about them.

Key Features of Voice of the Customer

Optimized Programs. Optimized VoC research programs begin with a clear understanding of your business goals and needs, to determine the right research choices and ensure delivery of valuable customer insights.

Analysis of Big Data. VoC research teams analyze information from both structured data (such as forms and surveys) and unstructured data (including text mining chat transcripts).

Reporting and Recommendations. Analysts share information to help you gauge brand sentiment, customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of your customer experience management, while making recommendations for changes where beneficial.

Segmented Analysis.  Segmentation allows VoC programs to provide a deeper understanding of your target customers. TouchCommerce can segment customers based on engagement type, business rules, conversion events, competitive mention, customer type, products viewed and keywords used in search or conversation.