Customer Care

Our Customer Care solution assists customers and creates a lasting customer relationship by providing outstanding service and value.
Increase your Lifetime Value, retain your customer base and reduce cost and churn.

Customer satisfaction has always been a hallmark of all Nuance programs, which is why we created our Customer Care solution. We know that you don’t see your customers as just a sale; you see a lifetime relationship through providing outstanding service and value in every customer interaction.

Why Nuance Customer Care?

A recent survey of consumers in 27 countries and 27 different industries has found that 66% of consumers switched companies in the last year as a result of poor customer service.  We have a proven ability to prevent this from happening to your company.  With Nuance, customer satisfaction scores are regularly higher than 80% across our programs.

Web self-service has become the preferred method for consumers to buy products and services earlier in the consumer life cycle; that’s why it has become what sets companies apart in providing post-sale and account management support.

Although online self-service is the preferred method for customers, it doesn’t always prove to be the most reliable method.  
  • According to Forrester, while 72% of customers prefer using a company’s website to answer their questions, only 52% found the information they needed online.

That is why we have a proactive customer care solution.  We improve your online customer service performance by implementing measures to grow and strengthen your customer relationships.

  • Research indicates that 70% of Americans are willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies they believe provide great customer service. 
  • Other research shows customers want to solve their issues quickly and easily on the web – and when they can, they are likely to buy more from you, with 88% saying they will increase their spending.

Key Features 

We are in the business of creating an exceptional brand experience. We accomplish this by focusing our Customer Care on the following:

Self Service. Accelerate customers’ adoption of self service through online engagement tools, enhancing the omni-channel experience.

Account Management.
 Improve your company’s ability to help customers manage their online accounts. By using our unique combination of tools, expert advice and program management, you will see higher customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased revenue.

Customer Support.
 The goal of the Customer Care solution is to map out the elements of not only the consumer’s account management journey but the ever-important emotional journey.  Ensure you’ve met your customer’s needs as they join your customer base, and set them up for a low-cost, high-value long-term relationship.

Customer Growth.
 The goal of customer growth and retention is to not only identify those moments where customers are in need of assistance or showing signs of confusion or frustration, but to also identify the account growth opportunities and proactively target those customers that have a high propensity to churn.

The art and science of customer service depends on the correct assessment of what the support processes are overall, and then defining the right combination of interaction channels that will be supported.

- Michael Maoz  
Gartner, Oct 2013