Omni-Channel Use Cases

See what it looks like to engage with your customers anytime, anywhere, on any device they choose.

Our omni-channel use cases deliver the experience your customers have come to expect.

Omni-channel mentality has become prominent in the commerce world, as it brings all channels together as one seamless customer experience. From sales to customer care, the customer expects your company to know who they are, where they are, and what they want and to remember their history with you, regardless of the channels they use. Whether in the store, on their personal computer, on the phone, or using their mobile device on the go, a true omni-channel experience turns each of these encounters into one engagement that is meaningful, personalized and productive.

The fully-integrated custom solutions that Nuance creates for customer acquisition and customer care and retention contribute to an enhanced omni-channel experience that reaches your customers with the right content where they are, the way they want.

Nuance Omni-Channel Use Cases for:

Social Mediamakes it possible for brands to connect with consumers on social media, building relationships, proactively resolving customer issues and extending their positive reach to more customers.

Media Campaigns: offers media ad viewers instant
gratification with personalized assistance through the use of online engagement and self-service tools.

Retail Stores: enhances the omni-channel retail experience for brands and shoppers w
ith personalized online assistance, by leveraging the use of smartphones in the stores.

Contact Centers: accelerates customers’ adoption of digital channels, while enhancing overall omni-channel experience.

Watch how Nuance brings omni-channel customer engagement to life. See the advantages it will give you over your competitors, to be able to help your customers at every touch point of their experience with you - before, during, and after purchase. ​