Contact Centers

Faster Digital Adoption. Guaranteed.
Targeted for contact centers, this use case accelerates customers’ adoption for an effortless omni-channel experience.

Designed to reduce enterprise support costs and increase customer satisfaction, this use case accelerates customers’ digital adoption while optimizing their ability to get information quickly and efficiently. By implementing the use case, contact centers can expedite issue resolution with agent-assisted and self-service digital channels to reduce contact center costs, cut wait time and queue abandonment, increase customer satisfaction, and improve Next Call Prevention.

Why the Use Case for Contact Centers?

Contact center operations are not set up to satisfy customer issues through data-driven self-service or assisted live chat channels. According to a recent industry study, 80% of brand-customer interactions will happen online by 2018.

This use case helps brands reach their goals by moving the contact center to a more digital experience. It addresses the gap between traditional and digital channels by providing a way to streamline communication with customers through convenient, easy-to-use collaboration tools which integrate digital channels into the contact center operations.

Key Features

Reduce Contact Center Costs and Improve CSAT. By seamlessly moving customers to low friction channels, assisted and automated services can help resolve inquiries while accelerating the customers’ digital adoption.

Offer Immediate Assistance. Chat agents can handle multiple conversations simultaneously. Moving consumers from the IVR to SMS chat or other digital channels enables agents to increase their productivity while decreasing the consumers’ wait time and queue abandonment.

Improve Next Call Prevention. Empowering voice agents with co-browse and transfer-to-chat options, this use case improves Next Call Prevention by shifting support calls to digital channels while training callers to utilize automated tools to self-serve in the future.

Key Benefits

Reduce enterprise support costs by moving consumers to digital channels, preventing future calls and enabling self-service.

Increase customer satisfaction by offering seamless and consistent customer service throughout digital channels, thus reducing customers’ time wasted on hold.

Enable and accelerate customers’ digital adoption by guiding them through the website to resolve their immediate issues, increasing the customers’ confidence in navigating digital channels for future self-service.

According to Forrester, while 72% of customers prefer using a company’s website to answer their questions, only 52% found the information they needed online.