Media Campaigns

Accelerated ROI on Media Campaigns. Guaranteed.

Transform your brand's media message into a rich, interactive conversation using personalized engagement tools.

Our use case for media campaigns offers offline and online ad viewers instant gratification with personalized assistance through the use of online engagement and self-service tools.
By using mainstream technologies such as TXT or QR codes, Nuance enables brands who have embedded these in their ad campaigns to lead consumers to rich & interactive online conversations on their mobile devices.

Improve ROI on advertising, regardless of the channel, while responding to users' appetite for real-time interactions.

Targeted to any brand with substantial advertising spend, be it digital or traditional, address media budget ROI and attribution issues by boosting lead generation and conversion for each media channel with retargeting capabilities.

Why the Nuance use case for media campaigns?

  • Provide CMOs with new ways to improve the efficiency of media buys beyond just brand awareness; providing a seamless link to live engagement enables consumers to act immediately on any campaign
  • Give customers access to product information and expert product support with the ability to save the conversation
  • Provide customers with targeted relevant content, based on geo-localized and campaign management information
  • Address media budget ROI and attribution issues by boosting lead generation and conversion for each media channel with retargeting abilities.


Key Features

Link Advertising with Live Engagement
This use case uses existing technology (QR codes / TXT) to enable live and automated engagements tools, connecting ads with enhanced calls to action to rich, interactive conversation. Nuance has a powerful value proposition - campaign data traditionally used to target consumers can now be used to engage consumers and personalize interactions with any ad.

Give Your Ads the Power of Immediate Consumer Action
Consumers are ready to take action on their smartphones and tablets while watching TV, reading magazines or viewing an online banner ad, and they're willing to engage earlier in the buying journey. Nuance provides consumers with the ability to act immediately on any campaign or to save conversation history for future actions.

Get Access to New Target Audience
Millennials are the largest group of Twenty-first Century consumers, and marketers are competing to be the most visible to these tech-savvy shoppers. This audience is made of master multi-taskers: texting, product searching online and on social, and purchasing - all while watching TV or walking to class! They have short attention spans, so grab their undivided attention by giving them a way to connect that TV ad or billboard to their mobile device. Then keep them engrossed through relevant, personalized interaction.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers greater insights for effective marketing ROI attribution and improved customer experience
  • Benefits enterprises with increased revenue, improved operational efficiency and quicker ROI on ad campaigns
  • Boosts traffic to specific website sections or stores/branches by providing access to offers/promos
  • Enables companies to further personalize interactions with consumers and present them with an entire sales funnel by integrating campaign data

  How Does It Work?

  • Consumer is exposed to an ad in print (newspapers, magazines), on TV, on small billboards (i.e. airports), or digitally (display banners, search ads, email, sms, and comparison shopping sites)
  • The ad includes TXT or QR code for the consumer to act upon from his/her smartphone. In response, the consumer receives a link to a chat-enabled webpage
  • Once consumer clicks on the link, a personalized chat or self-service engagement begins. Leveraging existing campaign data can lead to further personalized engagement and interaction
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TouchMedia gives ads the power of immediate consumer action

Today's environment is omni-channel, and there is a pressing need to introduce more cross-device solutions and strategies alongside the customer journey.

    -- Chief Analyst at Demand Metric         

According to a Microsoft Advertising research report, Digital ROI outperforms TV, print, radio, and outdoor ROI. If digital is added to these media channels, it enhances their effectiveness.