Social Media

Make Social Engagement Matter. Guaranteed.
Our use case for social media delivers a personalized online engagement experience for brands and consumers on social networks, leading to an increase in CSAT and conversion.

Social media usage grew by more than 114% over the last five years.¹ With more than 2 billion social media users worldwide in 2015, social networks have a wide reach of potential buyers and, furthermore, potential influencers. Forrester studies show that the average amount of brands a social media user likes has grown by 50% on Facebook, 119% on Twitter, and 157% on Pinterest.² But brands are able to leverage this medium for more than just advertisement. Social customer engagement helps brands to engage with consumers on social media platforms by inviting them to a personalized engagement experience on the brand’s website.

Enhance your social media engagement opportunities to increase trust and customer satisfaction.

Brands who want to amplify their engagement offerings on social networks for sales or customer care are now able to leverage the Nuance social media use case and therewith boost customer satisfaction and revenue.

Why Social Media?
  • Provide consumers a personalized engagement experience to proactively resolve issues, thus increasing customer satisfaction and conversion.
  • Allow social media agents to escalate a conversation that is happening on a social network to the customer care department and resolve issues outside of the social network immediately and in the right context.
  • Nuance managed services team provides recommendations based on Voice of the Customer analytics, the brand’s business needs and past customer interactions.

Key Features

Creates invitations that forward consumers from public social media platforms to a personalized online chat or an automated guide experience
With this Nuance use case, the brand is able to create invitation links that include all the necessary information for the chat agent to address consumers’ concerns. Placed in an answer on a social network, the short link enables the consumer to easily accept the invitation and effortlessly continue the personalized conversation.

Uses our award-winning Customer Engagement Platform technology to simplify engagement on social platforms
This use case leverages mobile and web chat technologies, as well as the Nuance Enterprise product suite, such as automated guides, rich content and chat tools. There is a wide range of possibilities for the brand to connect and engage with their consumers.

Enables brands to build consumer relationships based on personalized engagement in social networks
Social media agents have the ability to escalate a public conversation from a social platform to a private engagement experience, helping brands to build a stronger relationship with the consumer, thus gaining trust and loyalty.

Key Benefits

Increase conversion and revenue from social media activities
Engaging with consumers on social platforms is more than “Likes” and “Follows”. Brands that listen and respond to social media conversations in a timely manner, and invite consumers to continue the conversation via personalized engagement, experience a higher conversion rate and an increase in revenue. In fact, studies show that the socially connected customer is 50% more likely to convert.

Boost customer satisfaction rate and net promoter scores (NPS)
In a world of untargeted advertising through social media, personal engagement is the competitive differentiator for the brand using it.

Brands that connect with consumers on social networks to invite them to a personal and direct conversation demonstrate that they care about a positive relationship with the consumer, thus the consumer will reward the brand’s efforts with a higher customer satisfaction and a higher NPS score.

Strengthen brand awareness and influence on social networks
A brand is only able to address so many consumers on a social platform directly. The difficulty for the brand is to control social recommendations from consumers that have engaged with the brand earlier.

Brands that develop a positive relationship with their customers based on a personalized and direct engagement experience are able to leverage the power of social recommendations and will automatically extend their reach in social networks, thus attracting new buyers.
Contextual transition from social networks to personalized online engagements

How Does It Work?
  • Consumer asks a question or makes a comment about the brand on a social media platform.
  • Social Media agent answers and includes an invitation link.
  • The invitation link includes the specific information about the social media comment/question for brand’s agent so the conversation can continue without any interruptions.
  • Once consumer clicks on the link, a personalized chat or self-service engagement begins, located on the brand’s website.
1Active Social Media Accounts as of January 2015: 2.078 Billion (Source:; 2010 0.97 Billion (Source:
2Forrester: Predictions 2015: Social Media grows up “[…] in the past two years, the average number of brands a Facebook user likes has grown 50%; on Twitter, that number has risen 119%; and on Pinterest, it’s up 157%.