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Enhance the omni-channel retailing experience with personalized online assistance by using smartphones. 

Shoppers, now more than ever, are craving a personalized shopping experience that goes far beyond what they currently receive in store or online.

And, with personalization comes an additional need to be able to shop across multiple touch points and channels – from online to in-store, from phone to tablet to PC. As brands look to the future, they are faced with a challenge: how do they embrace the mobile revolution while delivering a seamless omni-channel customer experience and use different channels to enhance others? Instead of combatting trends like showrooming (visiting a store in order to see a product before buying it online at a lower price), retailers and enterprises with retail locations are looking for ways to leverage these trends and offer new solutions that benefit both consumers and brands.

40 Percent Conversion Opportunity
According to a recent study by SeeWhy, 21.6 percent of shoppers who use mobile devices while in-store will buy from a competitor and 19 percent are not likely to buy at all. 

Key Features

Provide a seamless, customer-focused in-store shopping experience with immediate online assistance through mobile devices.

Ensuring consumers are comfortable and confident wherever they make purchases or seek help is critical for brands as they bridge their online and offline experiences.

This use case addresses in-store customer needs, servicing the customer across the shopping life cycle – from research to ownership, including access to expert product support, targeted relevant content, based on prior mobile online behavior, and specific offers/promos available for in-store visitors. 


Address mobile in-store usage with innovative technologies to increase conversion and consumer engagement for the retail omni-channel environment.

Benefits for Brands 
For brands, converting shopper interest into real purchases can positively impact revenues, operational efficiency, and targeting capabilities for lead generation, as well as reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It also provides brands with another touch point to present targeted offers to visitors while shopping at the store and to obtain real-time feedback from in-store customers. 
  • Increase revenue and reduce support costs (reduce in-store walkaways) by retaining control of the customer experience across the shopping journey
  • Improve operational efficiency by enabling expert remote support across multiple stores for cost-effective product training and improved ability to handle store support peaks, busy periods, special promotions and holiday seasons
  • Enable additional targeting capabilities & lead generation with targeted offers, customer experience surveys and better tagged cross-channel interactions

Benefits for In-Store Shoppers
With the use case, the shopper is able to maintain continuous, personalized support and use a smartphone to self-serve with expert guidance throughout the entirety of the shopping journey, all without the hassle of standing in line for assistance or having to explain needs to multiple representatives. Nuance provides shoppers with a wider selection of items, such as out-of-stock products, web exclusives, and more. 
  • Provide enhanced shopping experience with higher quality, better targeted (personalized), more timely local mobile support while shopping in the store
  • Improve loyalty and in-store satisfaction by making information about products available at customer’s fingertips without having to wait for the store clerk
  • Enhance product availability by making it effortless to acquire product in store or buy it online while in store, thus fulfilling the original goal of store visit
How Does It Work?

For more details, download this Use Case document.

A consumer visits the retail store seeking specific product information
  • Selected products in the store are tagged with QR or SMS codes
  • Ads are placed in various locations around the store
  • Customer uses smartphone to scan a QR code or TXT
  • QR code or text message replies with a specific URL
Nuance customer engagement platform technology uses product information, prior browsing behavior and patented web-based customer interface to target the customer with specific content or automatically route them to an expert for the selected product.  

Industry Analyst Quotes

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