Insurance Companies

Insurance brands look to Nuance to provide the kind of personal connection their clients need

Consumers expect consistent and effortless interactions with insurers before, during and after purchase on the device of their choice. 

Digital experiences across channels are the expected behavior with consumers, so the quality of a brand's digital experience is of high importance. Consumers have expectations regarding personalization, real-time answers and simplicity of the experience. 

With such high standards from their clients, insurance brands are focused on applying digital technologies to customer service for improved customer experience. Consequently, they are faced with the challenge to provide consumers with multiple touchpoints that can be viewed as one customer journey. When mobile experience is added to the mix of touchpoints, many insurance brands are in need of a partner with omni-channel customer engagement expertise in order to better serve customers on the channel of their choice and across the channels.

Why Nuance for Insurance Providers?

  • Interact and transact digitally with brokers, agents and consumers
  • Encourage self-service customer experiences
  • Achieve cross-selling opportunities
  • Extend omni-channel experience to customer care
  • Ensure customer information security
  • Manage and analyze customer data for continued improvement and personalization

Nuance Proven Results with Leading Industry Brands

  • 17% lift in application completions rates
  • 10% increase in policy value
  • 93% CSAT - top 2 box
  • 15% decrease in AHT
  • 75% first contact resolution
  • 54% decrease in queue abandonment

Why include mobile in the insurance brand's customer engagement offerings?

Customers can now hold the insurance company in the palm of their hand; their whole relationship with the brand can take place within this one device, making the once mysterious, intimidating image of insurance into a more accessible, manageable idea. According to a Forrester report, Make the Business Case for Mobile Insurance, consumers use their smartphone for a variety of insurance activities:

  • Request insurance quote
  • Receive SMS notification from insurer
  • Purchase insurance coverage
  • Pay insurance bill
  • View insurance policy
  • Locate local agent
  • Change personal information
  • Change coverage
  • Check status of claim
  • Download insurance ID card
  • Locate service contractor related to an insurance claim
  • File insurance claim

The “anytime, anywhere” interactions that mobile enables are allowing a new level of intimacy in the insurer-policyholder relationship with the potential to change the insurance game. For example, mobile gives the agent power to enroll clients wherever they are, without the hassle of mailing in bulky paperwork, and policy-holders ability to make more timely payments. SMS chat, another mobile touch point, makes it more convenient for clients to communicate with their insurance company while going about their daily activities. The list goes on as mobile continues to open many doors to the transformation of the insurance industry.


Nuance Features for Insurance Brands 

Proactive Chat

Our sophisticated real time targeting engine enables efficient and effective proactive chat invitations to increase program results. Agents have the client browsing context available to personalize the invitation and decrease handle time.

Cobrowse with the client to assist them through specific processes like filling out an application, or to guide them to find required information. 

Self-Service Guides

A dynamic decision tree-based automated guide can leverage existing website content and promote self-service. Qualify visitors from a sales perspective or capture relevant information about their questions to shorten agent handle time. Guides can also be presented to clients in times of high agent occupancy or outside of hours of operation. 

Mobile Engagement

Whether it be on a tablet or smartphone, browser or app, or even SMS or social media, we can help deliver upon your mobile strategy and drive an exceptional customer experience that matches your brand. Customers will appreciate the translucent background of mobile chat so that they can see the web page behind it; or they can minimize the chat window when needed; they can use the chat window the same way they use SMS; customers can also scroll text for missed chats.

Social Media Engagement

Customers tend to go to social media to probe peers for answers. Make your brand available while they're there. Catch those conversations via a social listening tool and engage by sending an invitation via a short URL where the customer can get help with guides or live chat.