Decrease shopping cart abandonment and increase online conversion with TouchCommerce™.
Give your online customers an in-store customer service experience.

Every year, the online channel has a greater impact on the bottom line, pushing the responsibility for that channel to deliver even more. But competition is fierce, and attracting and retaining customers even tougher. An ever-increasing portion of your budget is dedicated to getting more site traffic, but what are you doing to turn those visitors into buyers?

The fact is, you don't need more traffic — you need to convert more traffic. As much as you have designed your site for self-service, brick-and mortar-stores have a more successful conversion rate.  The reason? Salesmanship and customer service.

Nearly 98% of online visitors don’t buy, and more than 50% of e-shoppers who start the checkout process don’t complete it. The TouchCommerce approach to online customer service is the answer to decrease abandonment, increase average order value, increase call center deflection, and increase the revenue from your online business.

Why do Retail companies choose TouchCommerce?

We deliver a 20% increase in conversion, guaranteed by leveraging our unique approach to online engagement. This includes product recommendations, automated assistance, live assistance and retargeting efforts to drive highly personalized, dynamic interactions that engage consumers, drive conversions and reduce abandonment. 

We target and proactively engage the right visitors with the right message at the right time. In fact, our model was touted by the Forrester Research Group as having one of the highest ROI’s it has ever seen. In 2012, we generated $2.2 billion in incremental online sales and continue to deliver more than 7.3 million sales conversions a year on behalf of our clients. These clients have come to expect the following results from TouchCommerce:
  • Increase overall site conversion by 10-20% in as little as 90 days
  • Lift average order value by 10% or more
  • Drive down abandonment by as much as 50% on critical pages
  • Reduce product returns and remedial calls into your call center
  • Increase retention by improving the online shopping experience
Key TouchCommerce Features for the Retail Industry

Pay-for-Performance.  With our pay-for-performance model, you are not only mitigating financial risk, you are getting a commitment to delivering results thanks to a perfect alignment of incentives between the two organizations. Our fully outsourced solution means there will be little impact on your infrastructure and IT resources. We have the expertise in-house and we are committed to your success — because your success is our success

Industry Expertise.  The members of our retail practice have deep industry expertise gained at major catalog, specialty, and big-box retail chains and will work as an extension of your online team to help you achieve your business goals.

Precise Profiling/Targeting.  Our proprietary RightTouch™ system analyzes your web traffic in real time and profiles visitors using 3 key segments: customer value/cart value, propensity (visitors with serious intent), and site abandonment risk.

Higher Customer Value.  Through real-time profiling and live interactions, you can also take advantage of cross-sell and upsell opportunities – warranties, accessories, peripherals, and more. At the same time, we help capture registration data to enable future marketing for re-selling/win-back opportunities.

Continuous Optimization.  Unlike competitors’ solutions, the TouchCommerce solution doesn’t end with implementation. Our team continuously tests and rigorously optimizes the online experience to increase conversion.