Cutting-edge ingenuity calls for innovative customer experience.
High-value customer experience for high-value customers.

Hi-Tech companies produce highly advanced technology, which helps them to create an overall image that reflects that innovation. When customer experience is one of the first impressions consumers have, tech companies must place priority on implementing solutions that live up to their standards and evolve with their own ingenuity.

Why do Hi-Tech companies choose Nuance?

Many technology companies sell B2B services, in which a conversion could potentially take months to happen. These companies can speed up the sales process through live chat programs that assist prospective customers more effectively and efficiently. For B2C enterprises, our solutions work together to produce an omni-channel view of customer journeys, demonstrating the companies' commitment to excellence in serving their customers.

Whether B2B or B2C, Hi-Tech enterprises choose Nuance solutions and services because of our omni-channel capabilities, intricate analytics, and partnership philosophy, fulfilling a cutting-edge standard and producing cost-saving results.

Nuance is the only engagement solution provider to address technology industry needs for live agent assistance on high-value, complex offerings while continuously solving for and optimizing for seamless self-service adoption.

These clients have come to expect the following results from Nuance:

  • 92% Customer Satisfaction
  • #1 NPS Score
  • 75% First Contact Resolution
  • 54% Decrease in Queue Abandonment
Key Nuance Features for the Technology Industry

Partnering for Success.  With our flexible contract options, you are not only mitigating financial risk, you are getting a commitment to delivering results, thanks to a perfect alignment of incentives between the two organizations. Our fully outsourced solution means there will be little impact on your infrastructure and IT resources. We have the expertise in-house, and we are committed to your success — because your success is our success

Industry Expertise
.  The members of our retail practice have deep industry expertise gained at major catalog, specialty, and big-box retail chains and will work as an extension of your online team to help you achieve your business goals.

Precise Profiling/Targeting.  Our proprietary RightTouch™ system analyzes your web traffic in real time and profiles visitors using 3 key segments: customer value/cart value, propensity (visitors with serious intent), and site abandonment risk.

Higher Customer Value.  Through real-time profiling and live interactions, you can also take advantage of cross-sell and upsell opportunities – warranties, accessories, peripherals, and more. At the same time, we help capture registration data to enable future marketing for re-selling/win-back opportunities.

Continuous Optimization.  Unlike competitors’ solutions, the Nuance solution doesn’t end with implementation. Our team continuously tests and rigorously optimizes the online experience to increase conversion.