Travel and Hospitality

Nuance can assist travelers with plans quickly and efficiently, online and in real time, to convert the browser into a buyer.
The travel industry is unique. Unlike other industries, you can't sell last night’s hotel room, car rental or airline ticket today.

With its razor-thin margins, the travel industry demands full utilization, and cross-selling different services and upselling benefits are key to revenue growth. A sector of great potential is the unmanaged business traveler who wants to maximize loyalty benefits and is not solely motivated by price. This sector wants convenience above all else and responds best to proactive engagement to book additional peripherals at the time of purchase. Controlling lost opportunity through proactive engagement at the time of purchase helps increase conversion and improves the attachment rate while driving up the average transaction value.

The travel industry is filled with customer moments of truth - from making reservations, upgrading preferences, checking in or confirming status, to seeking concierge help, checking out, and making plans for future trips. And because the travel/hospitality customer is always on the move, they expect an omni-channel experience, engaging with your brand at any given moment, any given place, on whichever device is convenient for them.

Why do our Travel and Hospitality clients choose Nuance?

Nuance has a well-proven ROI in the travel industry with its unique offering of user-friendly agent interface and implementation-friendly SaaS. Our solutions and services have delivered increased conversions and reduced support costs that enterprises of the travel/hospitality industry value.


As the leading, fully managed online engagement company, Nuance utilizes real-time analytics to drive powerful, personalized, and relevant content and automated tools to keep online visitors engaged.

Our travel/hospitality clients have come to expect the following results:
  • 20% sales conversion uplift
  • 15% increase in average order value
  • 75% of sales are incremental
  • 42% upselling and cross-selling
  • 25% reduction in online support costs
  • 35% increase in self-service utilization
  • 75% of chats deflect a call
  • 20% decrease in AHT
  • 92% customer satisfaction
  • Assist visitors in finding travel alternatives or rescheduling
  • Increase conversion of traffic into loyalty programs for further marketing and increased lifetime value

Key Features for the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Nuance offers omni-channel solutions that extend the functionality of your website, assisting you in meeting the needs of your customers and responding before visitors abandon.

Online Lead Capture.  Nuance helps your organization increase revenue by capturing comprehensive lead information, allowing for increased relevance of remarketing activities and better management of reservation utilization.

We target and proactively engage the right visitors with the right message at the right time to increase conversion and reduce abandonment. Our programs consistently deliver a 20% lift in online conversions. In fact, our model was touted by the Forrester Research Group as having one of the highest ROI’s it has ever seen. We have generated at least $3 billion in incremental online sales and deliver more than 7.3 million sales conversions a year on behalf of our clients.

Online Vacation Planner.  Nuance can assist online consumers with the selection and purchase of airline reservations, car rentals, hotel bookings, and other local attractions through a customized tutorial. Our recommendation engine can push relevant content to cross-sell and offer additional alternatives and travel deals. Assistance delivered through automated functionality can walk consumers through the trip-planning process so they get the most out of your site.

Online Reservation Agent.  Nuance can help travelers make plans quickly and efficiently, online and in real time, to convert the browser into a buyer. Through engagement with the right customer at the right time, Nuance can effectively increase the attachment rate. In fact, one key client has recognized an attachment rate through Nuance-assisted interactions as 3 times that of unassisted visitors.

Nuance Benefits

Industry Expertise.  The members of our travel optimization team have deep industry expertise gained at major travel companies and specialty operators and will work as an extension of your online team to help you achieve your business goals.

Precise Profiling/Targeting.  Our proprietary customer engagement platform analyzes your web traffic in real time and profiles visitors using 3 key segments: customer value/cart value, propensity (visitors with serious intent), and site abandonment risk.

Higher Customer Value.  Through real-time profiling and live interactions, you can also take advantage of cross-sell and upsell opportunities – insurance, upgrades, additional services, and more. At the same time, we help capture data to enable remarketing for future opportunities.

Continuous Optimization.  Unlike competitors’ solutions, the Nuance solution doesn’t end with implementation. Our team continuously tests and rigorously optimizes the online experience to increase conversion.