Conversation Platform

Effortless Integration for Market-Leading Brands. Guaranteed.

Open, Flexible, Connected and Integrated

TouchCommerce Conversation Platform enables brands to engage with their customers on any channel by integrating easily between existing systems. This open and flexible technology platform is driven by evolving customer and client needs. The Platform is continually refined to help brands understand, serve and convert their customers.

Why Our Conversation Platform?

The Platform delivers optimal consumer engagement and flexible and rapid integration into the enterprise infrastructure for market-leading brands. It provides benefits such as:

  • Dramatic reduction in interaction costs
  • Ease of conversation and conversion for your brand throughout consumers’ omni-channel journey
  • Maximized agents’ productivity, service consistency, business process efficiencies, and self-service adoption

The Conversation Platform is composed of three essential elements:


RightTouch Engine
Robust and multi-functional, RightTouch engine enables you to: identify and engage with highest-potential customers; to customize interactions with them; and to optimize each individual interactions across multiple channels and devices – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Flexible Integration Framework
TouchCommerce Flexible Integration Framework enables integration using 3rd party APIs for reading from and writing to any external service. With features like adapters and custom interface views, our Integration Framework makes the integration flexible, rapid and effortless.

Through our various APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) brands are able to create customer and agent user interfaces in 3rd party apps, generate custom invitations and extract real-time metrics and data into external systems.

Key Conversation Platform Products

Engage customers looking for answers by making it easy and convenient for them to chat with a live agent
Proactively guide customers and train them to better use the site in the future with cobrowse
Enable seamless chat-to-live-call (voice) transition
Engage consumers for timely and personalized conversation leveraging mobile text messaging 

Deliver natural, automated conversations via intelligent virtual assistance
Intelligently route visitors to solve recurring issues with self-service guides during complex interactions
Deliver personalized rich content including targeted or agent-pushed content, product and service promotions
Gather instant customer feedback using surveys