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"Application programming interfaces (APIs) are central to any organization's software strategy to win, retain, and serve customers.”
                                   Forrester Research

​TouchCommerce Conversation Platform APIs are designed to provide connectivity to enterprise infrastructure systems, pushing data out of the RightTouch platform and integrating into 3rd party systems. As a result, RightTouch data can be blended with broader enterprise reporting systems, effectively presenting the RightTouch engagement experience within customer applications, exported in new ways for conversation mining, and more.

Why Conversation Platform APIs?

TouchCommerce’s APIs enable in-app mobile chat and many other omni-channel integrations. The APIs integrate easily between existing systems and are more flexible on the back-end for helping brands understand, serve and convert their customers.

Conversation Platform APIs enable:
  • Integration with 3rd party applications
  • Blending RightTouch data into the broader enterprise reporting systems
  • Adding TouchCommerce engagement functions to client’s enterprise ecosystem
  • Presenting TouchCommerce engagement experience within enterprise systems native UX
  • Exporting RightTouch data for conversation mining

Key APIs within TouchCommerce Conversation Platform:

Customer Engagement API enables clients and partners to integrate TouchCommerce live chat functionality into any third party application (e.g. mobile apps, ATMs) for a better user experience. Try it out with our TouchCommerce App!

Agent Engagement API enables clients and partners to integrate TouchCommerce agent console functionality into any third party agent application (agent mobile app, 3rd party agent console) for a better agent user experience.

Invitation API can be leveraged to generate custom invitations to be displayed via any medium. The invitation can lead to a chat engagement, an automated guide, a video, or a targeted offer connecting consumer journey touchpoints, streamlining the highly targeted RightTouch engagement experience across all channels.

Reporting API provides brands with the ability to extract, in real-time, a rich set of RightTouch engagement metrics (i.e. targeted, engaged, converted) and transcript (conversation) data into external systems. The latest release can be used to integrate TouchCommerce data with a wide variety of reporting applications and dashboards.