Invitation API

Generate custom invitations to engage that can be displayed in any medium.
Our Invitation API enables the brand to generate an invitation to engage that can be placed anywhere (QR code, SMS, etc.).

Why Invitation API?
  • Enables highly targeted RightTouch engagement experience across all channels.
  • Extends the targeting capabilities of the TouchCommerce platform beyond online engagement.
  • Can lead to a chat engagement, an automated guide, a video, or a targeted offer connecting consumer journey touchpoints.
How can Invitation APIs be used?
  • Can ask for a short URL, and make it available to a customer for use on their website
  • Can be used by a Social Media agent to post the link on Twitter, asking users to click on the link to start chatting with a live agent
  • Display a QR code in the physical store; when scanned, it will lead to a TouchCommerce engagement experience
  • Provide a phone number to an IVR, and our system can send a customized SMS message with the short URL which the end-user can click on to launch the TouchCommerce engagement experience on their mobile phone
  • Given an email address, we can also send a customized email message which will include the short URL, directing customers to launch a TouchCommerce engagement experience
  • Short URLs can be configured to expire after a specified amount of time