Flexible Integration Framework

Rapid and Flexible Integration with Your Enterprise Systems
Enable seamless integration of existing systems and applications with our platform

Conversation Platform Flexible Integration Framework allows enterprises to rapidly integrate available client and third party data into the RightTouch system. 3rd party content can be displayed to customers and agents within the RightTouch user experience (UX).

Why the Flexible Integration Framework?

This integration framework enables pulling 3rd party content into the RightTouch platform to:
  • Display it to customers and agents within RightTouch UX
  • Use the data to route engagements
  • Extend reporting capabilities with the additional data
The Flexible Integration Framework enables rapid integration of
  • CRM systems
  • Product recommendations
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Knowledge bases
  • Customer record DBs
  • Price comparison
  • Targeted ads
  • Chat bots

Key Framework Features

  • Integration with 3rd party APIs for reading external content from and writing to any external service
  • Adapters are created to convert between internal and external formats
  • Standard API formats (e.g. XML) are supported automatically
  • Create custom views in agent or customer interfaces for displaying and enabling updates to 3rd data services
One example of such integration is the CRM integration. The framework allows businesses to easily access and review customer information from their CRM solution in the RightTouch context.

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