RightTouch® Engine

Proprietary targeting engine that is continually refined to help you know more about your site visitors
Robust and multifunctional – the power behind our Conversation Platform.

RightTouch is our advanced technology (targeting engine) that integrates easily with brands’ existing systems. It brings together content, product recommendations, chat, and customer feedback solutions into one direct delivery system.

Why RightTouch?
  • Implemented with a single, site-wide tag
  • Enables seamless adjustments and a better customer experience
  • Provides a customized brand experience
  • Able to adjust how visitors view interactions within their own browser
  • Enables brands to identify and engage with their highest-potential customers
  • Optimizes each individual conversation in the omni-channel world

Key RightTouch Features
  • Proprietary Dynamic Targeting Engine that is continually refined to help you know more about your site visitors
  • Engagement Window- TouchCommerce patented DIV layer that offers a one-of-a-kind engagement experience
  • Multi-Device Delivery enables brands to connect and engage with customers through desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Automation Engine assesses customer needs and routes them to the most efficient engagement option
  • Administrative Portal delivers superior workforce management capabilities, while contributing to the optimization of customer engagement programs
  • Data Warehouse is optimized to capture not only all engagement activity, but any other relevant interaction data
  • Conversation Mining - Voice of the Customer analysis tells you why they do what they do

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