Administrative Portal

TouchCommerce’s Administrative Portal is the management console for all client programs, user management and reporting interface.
​Manage your own site engagement operations in the Administrative Portal.

TouchPortal’s rich user interface is the front-end to the TouchCommerce Data Warehouse and the control center for all operations. Clients can use TouchPortal to manage agent attributes and also to view and configure reports while controlling overall site engagement operations. With our agent and client reporting interfaces, the TouchCommerce partnership comes into play. We work side-by-side with the client in developing custom reports and interpreting the results with actionable suggestions.

Why Use Our Administrative Portal?

TouchPortal is an internal, client-facing tool, which means clients are in control of their site engagement operations. Through TouchPortal, they can add and manage agents for access to Workforce Management applications, configure business rules and report on all program performance.

TouchPortal is the omni-channel imperative.
With customer experience representatives engaging with people via multiple channels, it’s become necessary that companies be able to observe their performances all on one scorecard, rather than separate scorecards per channel. Each encounter between an agent and a customer creates more data to add to the great amassment of Big Data, and it can grow to be overwhelming. That’s why our Agent and Client Scorecard layouts are flexible, uniform, user-friendly, and report on multiple metrics. The scorecard takes Big Data insights and puts them at the client’s fingertips within one omni-channel view, enabling them to drive actionable program changes and provide meaningful coaching to their agents.

Key Agent Scorecard Features
  • Ability to create separate scorecards for teams or agent locations
  • Filter reports on the fly, based on team, agent location, line of business, portal business unit, agent group or skill, and channel
  • Users can zero in on a particular agent’s performance and see how they rank amongst their peers, against both the program as a whole and against a filtered aspect of the program
  • Multiple metrics including handle time/initial response time SLAs, average initial/overall response times, transfer out rate, script line usage, co-browse metrics, and many more

Key Client Scorecard Features:

  • Users can select the Care or Acquisition format from within one spreadsheet
  • Users can select to include or exclude Web Analytics data
  • The Smart Filters on the Advanced Analysis tab allow for fine-tuning of specific metrics for unprecedented levels of granularity in the data
  • Users can plot the same metric filtered four different ways
  • Variance analysis available
  • Users can remove the axis of metrics so all the chosen metrics can be shown to scale, for easy comparison
  • Graphs can be transferred to a data report
  • Users can filter up to four metrics at a time, however they wish
  • Customizable to show the client logo and colors