Dynamic Targeting Engine

Reach the right customers with the right content through our Dynamic Targeting Engine.
​The Dynamic Targeting Engine is the core of the entire RightTouch platform. 

It tracks all user behavior and website variables to identify optimal engagement opportunities. This highly flexible tool can be configured in limitless ways to identify any group of users and target their specific needs. All direct consumer engagement activities are managed via this robust engine.

Why Use Our Dynamic Targeting Engine?

You can focus your energy and resources on the customers who matter most by presenting them with the products they want most.  This targeting tool allows us to identify consumer behavioral attributes in order to launch any one of our products including chat, guides, offers, survey invitations or any other rich content offering a targeted engagement experience online.

Key Dynamic Targeting Engine Features

Sample Targeting Criteria.  This list can be close to 300 distinct items.

Common Targeting Rules.  The Targeting Engine is built with TouchCommerce’s knowledge of the best way to reach each type of customer.

Engagement Opportunities.  The Targeting Engine enables
  • Proactive and reactive chat –TouchChat
  • Proactive, reactive and embedded guides – TouchGuides
  • Proactive content - TouchContent
  • Engagement suppressions

Custom Data Collection.  Data is sent to our data warehouse to provide actionable market insights that optimize your site more meaningfully.