Engagement Window

The TouchCommerce patented DIV layer offers a one-of-a-kind engagement experience designed to effectively communicate with online consumers.
​Meaningful Interaction Tailored for Each Customer

Effective online communication is key to conversion success. Our Engagement Window offers a multi-pane experience that allows any content to be shared effectively between agents and visitors, increasing your online conversion rate.

Why Use Our Engagement Window?
  • The engagement window design is completely customized to mimic your own site design.
  • Your customers will be able to engage with the agent from page to page, never losing sight of the engagement window.
  • The engagement window’s flexibility means a more meaningful, personalized online engagement experience for each of your customers.

Key Engagement Window Features

Dynamic Window.  The patented TouchCommerce layer is a dynamic multi-pane window that persists as consumers navigate your site so that contact, content, and context are never lost. This floating DIV layer reflects your own site branding, supports proactive rules to engage consumers and allows various content elements to be pushed by agents into a configurable display.

No Secondary Browser Window.  The persistent interaction layer is a unique and elegant experience that allows for seamless engagement with online visitors. The floating DIV experience will persist from page to page without disappearing and without opening a secondary browser window, keeping your consumers focused on your pages. 

One Tag.  The single JavaScript tag allows TouchCommerce to dynamically load any HTML5 content on the fly; from images, videos, guides, offers or other HTML pages. Content can be pushed into the floating DIV layer or any existing embedded DIV layer.

Flexible Interfaces.  With one tag there are limitless configurations that can be proactively served based on our robust targeting engine. This configurability allows for multiple content areas depending on visitor needs, whether in combination, pushed by agents, proactively served based on business rules or selected by the consumer. For example, you can simultaneously chat while pushing a discount offer, sharing a training video, presenting a guide or recommending a product.