Workforce Management

For any live engagement experience to function at scale, a highly robust, back-end Work Force Management (WFM) Solution must be in place.
Proper Workforce Management leads to better engagement optimization.

​Workforce Management encompasses the supervisor module and the agent interface. These two interfaces, along with the administrative functions in Portal, combine to deliver superior workforce management capabilities while also assisting in the optimization of both chat and call engagement.

Why Use Our Workforce Management?

To properly manage the simultaneous nature of chat interactions – as opposed to the linear, sequential nature of phone calls – our Workforce Management Solution allows effective, efficient monitoring with your online engagement workforce.  Whether you need to manage a large workforce or check on a single agent to review compliance after a coaching session, TouchCommerce Workforce Management tools deliver the power, flexibility and speed needed to accomplish your goals.

Key Workforce Management Features

WFM encompasses:

Agent Interface
  • Allows agents to quickly and effectively manage up to 10 concurrent chats
  • Provides custom scripts for faster, more effective chat experience
  • Allows agents to use the TouchBrowse tool to help site visitors through the buying or sign-up processes online

  • Provides a real-time view of program and agent performance
  • Enables management to reach out to agents for coaching. Custom views for easy review of key performance metrics allows for faster diagnosis of issues and moving towards correction.

Portal Administration 
  • Manages agent profiles
  • Configures work groups, etc.

Agent Registry
  • Tracks all agents’ statuses to maintain optimal chat opportunity

Chat Routing
  • Leverages Agent Registry to only offer chats when agent availability warrants
  • Routes chats to subject matter expert (SME) agent pools to handle customer inquiries quickly and efficiently

  • TouchChat
  • TouchCall
  • TouchBrowse