Mobile Engagement

Engage your mobile visitors now! Reach consumers on mobile devices and serve up an exceptional mobile chat experience.
Have you caught up with your mobile customers?

No matter what your age, you are probably among the growing population who now own a mobile phone. And these mobile phone users are doing business right where they're standing. Industry research says that 85% of customers completing mobile transactions expect faster and better service on their mobile device than they receive on their PC. These expectations can be met through mobile chat, which can be made even more convenient with the TouchCommerce in-app chat tool or with TouchSMS. Your customers reach for their mobile phones more and more often. Will you be ready to engage them in those mobile moments? 

TouchCommerce Mobile Engagement Tools

Mobile Web Chat

Consumers are always connected through their mobile devices. Engage and serve your customers through TouchChat designed for mobile browsers and customized to your brand.


In-App Chat

The TouchChat experience can be incorporated into your brand's mobile app so that users can choose to chat with an agent from within the app. Test it out with the TouchCommerce mobile app, and chat with our agents to learn more about the innovative chat API that makes in-app chat possible.



Engage with the "always-on" consumer through text messaging capabilities. TouchSMS gives the customer flexibility to reach out to your brand and stay in contact the way they want. SMS chat is easy and convenient, creating more engagement opportunities with your brand.

"The availability of TouchCommerce’s mobile chat solution on our TotalGym site offers our chat agents unique capabilities to assist mobile users and increase our conversion rates. We are impressed with TouchCommerce’s ability to continually deliver innovative technology and methodologies to drive web traffic and conversions in both desktop and mobile platforms."

- Joe Crowley,
VP of Marketing