Mobile Web Chat

The TouchChat experience that's responsively designed for mobile browsers.
TouchCommerce technology allows you to engage consumers on mobile devices and meet their high expectations through mobile chat.

Why Mobile Web Chat?

A Custom Approach to Make the Mobile Experience Exceptional
TouchCommerce mobile technology allows you to engage consumers on smartphones and tablets and serve up an exceptional chat or self-serve experience wherever they are. Engagement on tablets and smartphones is different than traditional desktops. Dedicated mobile environments and consumers who use those devices to research and purchase products have a different communication style; therefore, a custom approach is needed to make the experience exceptional. TouchCommerce's mobile engagement tools are fully customizable to your needs, including the logo placement, flow of chat experience, SMS-styled chat bubbles with distinct coloring for agent and user messages to fit your branding guidelines.

Key Mobile Engagement Features

Be Revealing. TouchCommerce offers translucent background support, allowing the user to see the site behind the chat window.

Minimize Me. A fully minimizable chat window with user tracking allows customers to easily interact with limited screen real estate and preserves an optimal user experience within the mobile site. In the minimized state, an incremental message indicator displays the number of unread agent messages. A scrolling marquee can display the most recent agent message.

Smooth, Integrated Experience. Users will experience TouchCommerce’s patented persistent window. The window will remain with continuity so you can engage your mobile audience with chat and more without losing sight of the website. 

Wherever You Like. Our mobile browser chat is created in HTML5 thus supported by favorite browsers; no additional software or installations needed.

Touch versus Click Events. Screen interaction with mobile devices is accomplished via touch rather than mouse click events. The TouchCommerce Customer Interface Technology now supports touch interactions in chat and surveys.

Script Line Suppression. Because of limited screen space and the mobile customer's on-the-go mentality, more succinct responses are desirable for agents to use. Therefore, whenever the agent is engaged with a customer who is on a mobile device, the agent's scripted, long responses are faded out or blocked for use.

Boost Mobile Conversion Rates with Automated Guides. Understanding the “casual browsing mentality” of the smartphone shopper, automated guides are designed to quicken the research process and more quickly get consumers to the point where they are ready to purchase.

Merging Purchase Behavior across Devices. Mobile is only one part of the omni-channel experience - doing business across multiple channels such as website, email offers, smart phone, tablet, catalogs and in-store shopping. TouchCommerce technology ensures that a customer's experience is consistent across all devices. So, if they begin their purchase journey in your online catalog, then proceed to a brick-and-mortar store where they engage with a chat agent on their smart phone, the steps in the customer's path transfers with them from one channel to the next so that the agent is well-informed on the customer's decision process.