Solutions and Products

Innovative solutions and products designed to meet the ever-changing needs of today's omni-channel customer

Customers don't think of their experience with your brand as mobile or desktop or even omni-channel. They view their time with you on all of the channels used as one collective experience. Our solutions and products seamlessly merge to allow you to see the journey the way your customers do.

Omni-Channel Solutions
Capture the interest of potential customers with TouchMedia and TouchStore and connect them to your brand. Then turn those visitors into buyers with TouchSell. Teach your customers to self-serve with TouchConnect, and give the ultimate in customer care and retention with TouchCare. Make it easy for customers to receive support where they like to spend time, through TouchSocial.

Automated and Agent-Assisted Products
Give your customers immediate, personalized service through our various engagement tools. Connect to your customers with the live assistance of TouchChat and TouchSMS, and equip your agents with the customer's view through TouchBrowse. You can even give customers the option to call with TouchVoice and still keep the context of the conversation. All of our agent-assisted products are made highly effective by giving them the right thing to say in the right way through TouchContent.

Then use our automated products when customers want to help themselves. TouchGuides help the customer solve common problems or find what they're looking for without the help of an agent. Listen to your customer's voice with TouchSurvey, and automatically push the right content at the right moment with TouchContent.